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The Living Newspaper
by Martin Fluger

The Living Newspaper was essentially a new theatrical form developed by the Federal Theatre Project in the 1930's. Each of these fast-paced theatre-documentaries took aim at a specific social issue and examined in depth the many facets of the issue as it currently existed, the historical roots of the problem, and specific action the might be taken to better the situation--often calling for the passing or defeat of specific legislation. Teams comprised of both theatre and newspaper writers would thoroughly research each topic and then would develop rough scripts that dramatized events taken directly from their research. Aboutface seeks to revive this vital theatrical form in creating a new Living Newspaper this season. The form is ideally suited to Aboutface in two ways: the company continually strives to produce theatre that stimulates political discussion while it entertains; and the company's primary means of generating scripts is by initiating them in-house. Our Writers, Directors, and Actors Units are already experienced at working as a team on assigned topics and styles, in a manner very similar to that of the original Living Newspaper Unit. Our topic will be Panama: the recent U.S. action there --its historical causes and potential consequences. Many unanswered questions remain about the timing of and justifications for the U.S. invasion. Now is the time to take a good, hard look at the issue --before a major historical event becomes yesterday's news. Though our means for this studio production are of necessity more modest than were those of original Living Newspapers, our aim is to create an event that is equal to the original in its theatrical force and its social value.

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